A downloadable game for Windows


- WASD or Arrow keys : Move (tank controls)
- E: Crouch (when stopped)
- SPACE: Interact with items and doors (when the action is available, it's written in the bottom of the screen)

HIDE is a horror game in which the player takes control of a young boy, investigating his school in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, he’s not alone, and to escape the building, he will have to gather items and unlock doors while hiding from a mysterious monster, wandering in the corridors looking for prey.

We were greatly inspired by the indie game “Walk 散歩”, a PS1-stylized game taking place in a japanese setting, where a schoolgirl is chased by a yokaï on her way home. We really liked this visual style, and as we already created PS1-like assets for a previous game,  we decided to stick to it for our bigger project. 

The game revolves around simple horror-game mechanics such as exploring the school, finding items to progress and open locked areas, and finally getting out of the building, all the while avoiding getting caught by the enemy. The player can crouch behind props to avoid getting seen, or try to outrun the monster during chases.

Tags3D, Horror, PSX


HIDE_0.1 39 MB


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It's unique.

While the game's decent, I would suggest improving on the monster's pathing code so that it actually chases the player as soon as it sees them. Also, some walls needs collision boxes on the. Other then that, it's a nice simple game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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nice scary

Super cool artstyle and spooky monster!!